A male patient, ex-smoker, normotensive, non-diabetic with a family history of hypertension & diabetes mellitus was admitted in our hospital on 2nd September 2003 with exertional Dyspnoea for 2 months which got relieved by rest. He also had a history of acute shortness of breath with mild chest pain and sweating for which he was hospitalized in a local hospital where he was treated as a case of Acute LVF. Following admission , ECG showed LBBB, Echocardiography showed LFEF 19% with Dilated LV (LVIDd – 7.39 cm), severe generalized wall Hypokinesia, paradoxical motion of septum. He was treated with ACE Inhibitors, antiplatelets, nitrates, digoxin, diuretics, L-Carnitine. Patient was advised for Coronary Angiography, but he refused He was then discharges in a stable state. Thereafter, he never had to be admitted. He had his regular check up at OPD. He had his Echocardiography done on 6th April 2005 which showed LVEF – 60% with Norman LV cavity size (LVIDd – 4.41 cm), no regional wall motion abnormality with normal valves. He continued the same treatment and again had his Echocardiogram done on 4th Oct. 2005, which showed LVEF – 60^ with Normal LV cavity size (LVIDd – 4.5 cm).

On the basis of above case study we can be hopeful that a patient with Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) can have a remarkable improvement in LV systolic function and quality of life on rational medical therapy.