Achievement 9

Stent Angioplasty done on Anomalous RCA using VODA Guiding Catheter ,(this technique has not been reported earlier) published in Indian Heart Journal 2001;53 :79-82.

Achievement 8

Dr. Praharaj has been awarded by ”NIKHIL BHARAT BANGA SAHITYA SAMMELAN” for his outstanding contribution in the field of Cardiovascular Medicine on 22nd Nov.2014.

Achievement 7

He has performed stent Angioplasty on a 94yr. old man,from Aizwal Mizoram one of the oldest surviving patients in India ,who celebrated his 101yrs Birthday on 11th oct’11. Published in Indian College of Cardiology Vol 6 Page No 45-48 2016

Achievement 6

Treated and cured a patient of Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) with multi organ failure- where mortality is known to be approx. 60-70% across the world.

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