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Tips on Living a Stress-Free Life by Dr. Tarun Praharaj
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General Heart Problems and its Management

Cardiovascular disease remains our leading health problem despite numerous advances and a decade of declining results, it is still the leading cause of death in INDIA and many other countries. Millions of people have no symptoms, in fact, many do not know that they have potentially serious illness until they suffer a heart attack, stroke or sudden death.
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Cholesterol and its Management

The risk of coronary heart disease rises as blood cholesterol levels increase. When other risk factors are present, this risk increases even more.
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Genetics Heart Problems and Your Family Tree

Get to know your family health history by collecting information about your relatives and tracing your health history back at least three or four generations. If a parent and/or family members has heart disease or died from a heart attack, you are at risk of developing other risk factors, such as high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes.
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Bypass Surgery

Bypass surgery creates a detour around the blocked artery and forms an alternate route for blood to flow to the heart.
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Angioplasty & Atherectomy

First, a cardiac catheterization is performed. You will receive medication for relaxation, and then the doctor will numb the site with local anesthesia.

Next, a sheath (a thin plastic tube) is inserted into an artery — usually in your groin, but sometimes in the arm. A long, narrow, hollow tube, called a catheter, is passed through the sheath and guided up the blood vessel to the arteries surrounding the heart.
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