Know how Coronary Angioplasty saves your from heart attacks

Our heart functions with many coronary arteries supplying the blood and oxygen to it. But over the period of time, due to lack of healthy diet, the arteries get blocked with cholesterol or other elements. Blocked arteries reduce blood flow, making the heart act slow. Coronary angioplasty is a surgical process that includes widening up the way of blocked vessels with the help of inflating a tiny balloon in front of a narrow wire. This surgical process is designed to give relief from the blockages and normalizing the blood flow to the heart.

coronary angioplasty

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Let’s get an overview of coronary angioplasty-

  • Unlike open heart surgery, angioplasty is not a major operational process. It takes a small incision from any vessels of arm or leg to insert a thin wire to push through. The narrow wire inflates tiny balloon to remove blockages from its way across the path of the artery.
  • A coronary angiography is performed before the surgical process to ensure the location of and numbers of blockages.
  • Coronary angioplasty decreases the chances of other heart related issues and immediately boosts the flow of blood to the heart.
  • Angioplasty treatment removes all the discomfort, making the blood flow smoothly through the vessels and retards the risk of life threatening heart attacks.
  • A stent is also inserted through the passage. A stent is mesh like tube that when inserted into the arteries can be expanded. Stent allows cells around arteries to secure their place. This process also prevents the chance of narrowing or collapsing of the arteries again. The stents could be either of metal or coated with medicine.
  • Coronary angioplasty in Kolkata is much easier and instant solution to get relief from discomforting heart blockages. Unlike bypass surgery, angioplasty requires local anesthesia and also it is performed in much less time.
  • Coronary angioplasty has lower risk rate as it’s deemed as micro surgery which helps to provide faster recovery from the blockages.

What happens after coronary angioplasty?

According to many medical reports, patients feel immediate relief from blockages and blood flow improves right after the process. In case if you feel that there’s a major heart discomfort, you need to immediately get yourself checked by heart specialist in Kolkata. The cardiologist may suggest you coronary angioplasty if you’re diagnosed with few blockages. It will work better to restore normal blood flow and reduce chance of potential heart attack.

Important note: Coronary angioplasty does not completely guarantee to cure artery blockages. If you don’t do exercise and follow healthy diet, you can never maintain your coronary health, and, you will likely to increase chance of building up blockages.

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