Risk Factors for Cornary Artery Disease

Hypertension ( High Blood Pressure )
Hypertension is the medical term used to describe an elevated resting blood pressure. If the blood pressure is too high over an extended period of time, the arteries will be damaged. The detrimental effects usually take years to become apparent and by that time the consequence may be irreversible. Many studies have identified hypertension as a leading risk factor in heart attacks, it is also the major case of stroke. Home monitoring of blood pressure is useful for both patient and physician. By keeping track of daily or weekly changes in blood pressure, you can help your doctor determine weather you should take medication to lower it or if the drugs you are taking are working. Often blood pressure readings in doctor’s clinic will be higher than those taken at home. Once a patient has learned to monitor his or her own blood pressure, it may not be necessary to make repeated trips to doctor’s clinic simply for a blood pressure measurement.