7 Exercising Tips to follow after your Angioplasty

Right after a heart-attack or angioplasty treatment, patients tend to avoid any further exercise. They think that excessive physical activities may put extra stress on their heart performance. However, in reality, this notion is completely wrong. According to the heart specialist in Kolkata, after the angioplasty, regular exercise can help strengthen heart vessel, regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol level, keep the diabetes in line and lets the heart get more fresh air.

It’s been seen that people with regular exercise tend to live longer and healthier life. Regular physical activities bring more vigor and confidence. Hence, if you’ve just gotten settle into your regular life style after an angioplasty and thinking to go slow with physical activities then it’s time to move more actively. Follow these exercising tips to enjoy more healthy life after angioplasty.

Begin slowly:

If you have had the surgery in recent times and you’re recovering from it, start slowly. You should not hit the gym right after you’re released from the hospital. You need to take rest for considerable time and let your body rejuvenate the strength naturally. When you’ll feel that you’re all set for walk for some kilometers, start. Remember that you need to slowly increase the time of your walk and speed.

Avoid intense work-out:

Aim for starting off slowly and mildly. Don’t push yourself for long stretched workouts. Moderate exercising boost your body fitness and prepare your body to do heavy workouts. You can begin with 1 hour daily exercise such as cycling, jogging, aerobic exercise, walking and climbing stairs. Later on, you can increase the time of your exercise to 2 hours or more as your body permits.

Include body strengthening exercise:

Along with moderate exercising, it’s important that you also do body strengthening exercises two to three days a week. This will improve your muscle strength, build stronger and healthier body. This exercise includes using weight machine and weight lifting (personal fitness trainer is recommended).

Patient Using Treadmill In Hospital Physiotherapy Department

Find some activities you enjoy doing any time:

Increasing your physical activities is more than work-outs. If you find regular exercise is tiring, find something that will not only keep you engaged but will also help you to improve your body fitness.

Invite your friends:

Exercise can be boring at times. One second seems like hour. But when you invite your friends or engage your loved ones to exercise with you, you will not only make you feel the time, but you will get the opportunity to spend quality time with them.

Keep the track:

Make a habit of keeping a record of your progress. Write down your daily activities. This can help you improve your daily workout intensity and will keep you motivated.

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